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About PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Today many male and female among the general population said that If you have a craving of having solid, long, as well as wonderful hair, at that point you are wandering off in fantasy land. All things considered, it’s not the reality as having beautiful hair is conceivable at this point. The progressions in science and technology have made it feasible for you to accomplish your coveted objective of having beautiful hair.

What is PRP Therapy?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma; this treatment is applicable for men and women. PRP treatment is making you safe from having the surgery at the same time providing the best solution for hair fall. PRP is one kind of non-surgical procedure which is very famous today. The reason behind it is its various results.

What are the causes of hair loss?

Generally, hereditary qualities are playing the most important role so it is the main factor which is affecting the baldness for both genders. Still, we can not only consider the hereditary qualities as the one and only reason, for an example, thyroid conditions, various types of cancers, few sorts of prescriptions and anabolic steroids are also causes. Still, there are two things which are considering as most, first is testosterone, which is the male hormone and the second one is genes.

How does PRP hair loss treatment works?

Let suppose if you are going to have PRP treatment, at that point your own blood is taken in a pre-decided quantity, same time It’s centrifuged to separate plasma as well as platelets. Once it has done the plasma is injected into the targeted area by making use of syringes. During the procedure, if you are filling pain, then you should ask your doctor for applying numbing cream or topical anesthesia on the scalp. 

If a patient is having such qualities, then he can go for this treatment.

  • To get strong current hair.
  • To increase the growth of hair.
  • To prevent the hair loss.
  • To be away from baldness.

Benefits of PRP hair loss treatment

PRP procedure is the non-surgical process that is why people are having more trust in it and approach for the same treatment. Today by attending the PRP non surgical treatment, the patient is willing to achieve positive results:

  • The system upgrades your general magnificence as well as appearance you. 
  • It encourages you to battle male pattern baldness normally.
  • Ladies, It upgrades your personal satisfaction of being beautiful.
  • You feel more certain and glad than any time in recent memory.
  • You don’t have to go under the blade for baldness arrangement.

PRP Therapy – Video Testimonial

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Testimonial - Laser Hair Removal

Sini Sam

I consulted Dr Rashmi in the month of June for my laser treatment mainly because of my ingrowth hair. In just 3 sessions there's major improvement in my hair growth and also the ingrowth has reduced significantly. The service provided here was remarkable. Dr Rashmi and the staff here are very friendly and the treatment here was worth it.

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Ayub Khan

I went to Dr Rashmi skin hair clinic for Pigmentation and for pimple Reduction. The dark patches on my skin have reduced after taking this service. Overall the texture of my skin has improved a lot. It appears clearer, and brighter and also feels softer. I am completely satisfied with the treatment. Great Services, Hygienic. Staff is very friendly and careful while performing Services.:).Very friendly and Helping staff
- Ayub khan

Testimonial - Facial Peel

Abhi Seema Rey

i would like to recommend dr rashmi clinic for high nd service i had done a peel with dr rashmi it gave a clear look gud glow it removed all tan with one session.1 shade lighter look....tnx to dr rashmi...

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