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Pimple is one of the most common skin conditions in men and women especially among teenagers and young adults. It generally seen on the face, neck, back and shoulders. If you have pimples(acne), you may not feel confident with your appearance.

What Causes a Pimple?

Excess oil (sebum), clogged pores and bacteria are the key factors for pimples.

*Facts You Must Know

Time Required: 1 hour or Varies

Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia  

Recovery Time: 1 week

Success Rate: Very High Success Rate

Pimple(Acne) Treatment Options

Dr Rashmi Manjunath, Senior Dermatologist offers numerous treatment options for pimples. She designs the treatment solution according to your needs and skin condition which vary from person to person.

Pimple Treatments option include topical treatments, chemical peels, and laser skin resurfacing.

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Testimonial - Laser Hair Removal

Sini Sam

I consulted Dr Rashmi in the month of June for my laser treatment mainly because of my ingrowth hair. In just 3 sessions there's major improvement in my hair growth and also the ingrowth has reduced significantly. The service provided here was remarkable. Dr Rashmi and the staff here are very friendly and the treatment here was worth it.

Testimonial - Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Ayub Khan

I went to Dr Rashmi skin hair clinic for Pigmentation and for pimple Reduction. The dark patches on my skin have reduced after taking this service. Overall the texture of my skin has improved a lot. It appears clearer, and brighter and also feels softer. I am completely satisfied with the treatment. Great Services, Hygienic. Staff is very friendly and careful while performing Services.:).Very friendly and Helping staff
- Ayub khan

Testimonial - Facial Peel

Abhi Seema Rey

i would like to recommend dr rashmi clinic for high nd service i had done a peel with dr rashmi it gave a clear look gud glow it removed all tan with one session.1 shade lighter look....tnx to dr rashmi...

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